Before Your Appointment

IV Ketamine treatments are an out of pocket expense, as most insurance providers do not cover treatment at this time and we do not participate in Medicare. You will receive a receipt for your appointment and may submit it to your insurance if you would like. Some patients have had successful in receiving partial reimbursement, however, to ensure patient privacy we are unable to release any patient names and/or their providers to other patients.

Arizona Infusion Center requires a $50 deposit at the time of scheduling your appointment. All appointment changes MUST be made 24-hours prior to your appointment time. The $50 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. All new Ketamine patients MUST provide a referral letter from their treating Psychiatrist or Pain Specialist to show history of depression or unresolved pain. Please bring your doctor’s referral letter with you to your first appointment. Patients without a referral letter have the option to see one of our Psychiatry/Pain Medicine colleagues prior to their treatment.

IV Administration

The IV will be placed in a position on you arm that is most comfortable to you while maximizing the chance of first time success. While every attempt is made to place the IV the first attempt, sometimes a second attempt is needed. We make every attempt to use the smallest needle size possible for your IV. Needle size is typically a 22G but can be a 20G or 24G as well. As we administer the ketamine IV, you will feel a tiny pinch when the needle is placed, but very minimal discomfort. The entire process takes about 90 minutes. The infusion is around 45 minutes and you will generally recover for up to 30 minutes afterwards.


Driving is off-limits the day of your infusion so you will need to have an escort to accompany you home after the infusion. You will be receiving a dissociative anesthetic which can induce unconsciousness, so you may not drive at all after your infusion is administered. Although you may feel normal there will be some drug remaining in your system for up to 24hrs after the infusion. For your safety, we ask that you refrain from driving, or operating any heavy machinery for 24 hours after.

Benefits of IV Infusions

IV drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to: Improve immune health. Boost energy levels. Improve symptoms of depression. Improve anxiety. Improve mental clarity and cognitive function. Reduce the symptoms of migraines. Improve symptoms of asthma.

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