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We are a community of compassionate medical professionals who believe in our work and patients whose lives have been changed through this remarkable treatment. Arizona Infusion Center is the place our patients come when they feel like all other treatment options are exhausted. Let us show you the difference in treatment at Arizona Infusion Center. Call (602)325-2020

We are more than an IV infusion clinic...

Our IV Specialists

Dr. Armen Derian MD

Dr. Armen Derian is the Medical Director for Arizona Infusion Center. A former native of Los Angeles, he received his MD from UCLA School of Medicine. He then completed his residency
training at UCSF- Fresno and a Pain Management Fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr.Derian is Double Board-Certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, and interventional pain medicine. He is licensed to practice in California, Arizona, & Florida

Jessica Paige Photo

Jessica P. Mullins

I am a midwestern girl at heart, I have lived in both California and Arizona. I have two Bachelor’s degrees, one in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior, the second in Nursing. I am an ER nurse with a strong passion for helping others and see them recover. I am also a fitness enthusiast and a dog lover.

Antony Waweru, CRNA

Antony Waweru CRNA

With a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing as well as a Master’s Degree in anesthesiology. Has been practicing as a Nurse Anesthesiologist for 9 years in hospital and outpatient surgery settings. He also has a deep insight on how ketamine works and its effectiveness in treating mood disorders, chronic pain and boosting immunity.

Client Testimonials

"The medical team here is fantastic! It was the best care I think I have ever received. Tony was so precise and accommodating throughout the therapy that I look forward to going back. Truly great experience and results for someone who has had a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety.
Michael S.
I have been having persistent headaches for two weeks. The Occipital Nerve Block worked in a matter of minutes. I feel so relieved/free without the headaches
George O
Great clinic! Tony took care of my mom with ketamine infusions. She's noticed significant improvement in her chronic depression and anxiety, and has been able to decrease the meds she's taking. She's also had significant improvement in her chronic knee pain! We will definitely be back

More than just an Infusion Center

Get the help to overcome challenges here at Arizona Infusion Center. Our vision is to become the gold standard of care and provider of choice in your wellness journey. We want our clients to achieve the goals of maintaining a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

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