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Mood Disorders we treat

 Our tested IV Therapy infusion treatments can be used to help treat many kinds of mental and physical conditions in  individuals suffering  from treatment resistant depression, PTSD, Adult ADHD, & chronic pain. You may also benefit from this therapy if you’re suffering from major depressive symptoms and are resistant to traditional therapies.


An effective treatment for Depression and Anxiety is available without the down side. Get relief within hours of the Infusions. Book now. 

Anxiety Disorders

ketamine treatment for anxiety bw

If your anxiety doesn’t respond to traditional medications and therapies, there is hope with IV Infusion. Find out how. 


Experience robust improvements in PTSD symptoms through an IV treatment. 

Adult OCD

Stop the urge to repeat over and over the uncontrollable thoughts and behaviors. Contact us here

Are you a Candidate for Mood Disorder treatment?

An IV therapy that puts a stop in Chronic pain

At Arizona Infusion Center, we specialize in infusion therapy to ease chronic pain when other treatments aren’t working. As an experienced interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Armen Derian, Tony Waweru, CRNA customize your therapy based on your needs to optimize therapeutic results.

Neuropathic Pain

Infusions Chronic Pain


Complex Regional Pain

Pain Management specialists are here to help

The specialists at Arizona Infusion Center provide individualized treatment plans tailored to the condition our patients are in as well as the degree of pain they are experiencing. At Arizona Infusion Center, Dr. Derian & Antony Waweru, CRNA offers  this treatment which gives new hope to people living with chronic and nerve pain.

Arizona Infusion Center strives to make your experience simple and easy. 

What is Ketamine?

IV Ketamine is a safe, effective medication that has been proven effective for a variety of mental health disorders and neuropathic pain.


Read the testimonials of patients who have experienced incredible results through the clinical use of Ketamine. 

Our Medical Team

How can Arizona Infusion Center help me?

Our practitioners are dedicated to coaching you in your personal journey to well-being, teaching you how to be your healthiest, and making sure that you continue to optimize each and every day. Chances are you know someone who suffers from depression or Chronic pain. 

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Dr. Armen Derian, MD

Antony Waweru, CRNA

Antony Waweru, CRNA

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